A court will pass a child support order at the time of finalizing a divorce decree, and you, as the paying parent, will be required to make youngster assist payments every month. Remember, the local child support agency will be able to track whether you are behind on your youngster assistance payments. For help understanding more about your youngster assist obligations, speak to a Los Angeles child support attorney.

Just some of the consequences of failing to fund youngster support can include a blot on your credit rating. These payments are reported to all the major credit reporting agencies, and failure to fund youngster assist is also reported.

You might find that your application for the renewal of your passport, or issue of a passport is denied by the US State Department unless you have cleared all of your youngster assist payments. That can happen if you owe more than $2,500 in unpaid dues.

If you fail to pay youngster assist, the Local Child Support Agency also has the right to file a lien against a property like a home or a piece of property, when you fail to pay youngster support. Your state-issued license, like a lawyer’s license or contractor license, could even be suspended for failure to pay assist.

Your income tax refunds can also be used as a source to pay back your child assist dues. The agency could even take a proportion of the disability payments that you currently receive to pay off the child assist dues. To learn more about your child assistance obligations, talk to a Los Angeles family lawyer. For help protecting yourself if your spouse takes action against you for failure to pay child support, schedule a consultation with a Los Angeles child support lawyer.