Mr. Duron was extremely helpful with all the questions I had regarding my legal issues. He was very thorough and helped me understand everything I was dealing with and all the consequences of each action that was applicable. I would recommend him as an attorney, and his office staff is great as well!

by Sylvia Sapsezian

Mr. Duron is not only great at what he does, but he actually cares about his clients. I hired him for my divorce because during the consultation, the first thing I noticed was that he explained everything thoroughly unlike other attorneys I had spoken with. Once I hired him, I always knew what was going on with my case, and all of my questions were answered promptly. In the end, Mr. Duron settled the case without having to go to trial and the outcome was great. I definitely recommend The Law Offices of Paul Duron to anybody who has a family law issue.

by Ms. Rodriguez

I was in a bad marriage with a controlling husband. I was afraid to leave, but I searched the internet for months trying to build up the courage to take the next step. When I saw that Paul Duron had experience in psychology I knew I had to step out in faith. Paul and his staff met me with warmth and a sincere interest in my problems. They answered all of my questions and gave me information that I needed to face what was ahead of me. They were always encouraging, always respectful, and always protective of my needs. They clearly had my best interest at heart! I was very confident that they would work with integrity and firmness when dealing with my husband’s lawyer. Their prices were reasonable and they were very accommodating of my need to have a payment plan. I highly recommend Paul and his fabulous staff to anyone who wants to end their marriage but is afraid to take the next step.

by Irene Medlin

The Law Office of Paul Duron helped me get through my divorce without me stressing out about what is going to happen with my home and my children. Their staff was very friendly and helpful and kept me informed of every step along my divorce. They also were very helpful whenever I had concerns and needed clarification along the way. They made the process very easy to cope with and reassured me that everything would be fine and all my worries and problems will be resolved quickly. By hiring the this law office, I was able to maintain my peace of mind and not stress out about my divorce. I would definitely recommend this law office for any divorce of family law matter you may be dealing with.

by 3lm0021

Paul is an awesome lawyer… Best Family lawyer ever. I highly recommend Paul 100%.


Awesome Lawyer!
I hired Paul in February 2017 to replace an attorney who had pretty much been dragging my case on for years with NO RESULT while charging me a ton. I had such a terrible experience that I was left feeling my case would never end. Let me just say this. I wish I had met Paul 3 and a half years ago when I had first filed. I would have been divorced by now with him representing me. He is no-nonsense, takes no BS and gets right to work. He comes prepared, organized and is responsive to all questions and concerns, while also helping his clients navigate their frustrations. I’m sure everyone going through a divorce knows how emotionally draining these things can get and many attorneys tend to take advantage of clients in that emotional state. NOT PAUL! I had really lost all respect and faith in lawyers until I met him. Like I said earlier I hired Paul in February and in August ( same year ) I was granted my divorce. STOP YOUR SEARCH AND HIRE HIM !!!!!! I promise you won’t be disappointed

by Janeete Nguyen

Paul Duron came highly recommended from one of his colleagues. I retained him for a Child custody hearing. Paul was very friendly and made me feel extremely comfortable. I can also say he was very prepared and had reviewed all of the documents I had given to him. He also took the time to walk me through all of the scenarios we may face in the courtroom so I was very prepared as well. The outcome was great and it appeared as if the Judge followed Mr. Duron’s lead. I highly recommend Paul and will hire him whenever I need an attorney again.

by Juan Giron