When you are in Cerritos, CA it’s time to stop and get a bite to eat, you’ve got some great choices.  Here are some spots you won’t want to miss!


At STACKED, the food’s great and you can give in to temptation 7 days a week.  Their motto is… “Food Well Built”!  This place features great American food, but the secret’s in the sauce.   Sauces are the specialty here, with unique pairings and mixtures to tickle your taste buds.

Gen Korean BBQ

For a memorable experience, treat yourself to a meal at Gen Korean BBQ.  True to the art of Korean barbeque, food will come to your table sizzling.  Be tempted by the traditional ban-chan, Korean side dishes.    Enjoy a nice meal with a wide variety of choices.

Amor Y Tacos

This local favorite is open 7 days a week, and seems to appear on every list that shows the best restaurants in Cerritos!  You may remember Owner and Executive Chef, Tommy Ortega from his appearance on Gordon Ramsay’s series, “Hell’s Kitchen.” He’s come a long way since then, and he treats his hometown of Cerritos to Mexican comfort food specialties, with his own gourmet treatment.  Don’t miss a chance to savor these flavors!

El Rocoto Restaurant

Peruvian food has surged in popularity, and is enjoyed all over the world.  If you love Peruvian food, you must make a visit to El Rocoto Restaurant.  Jorge Chan took the childhood experience of learning traditional recipes from his Peruvian-Chinese parents, and carried it with him as he studied at Le Cordon Bleu in LA.  This is an experience you won’t soon forget! You can check them out seven days a week.

North Shore Poke Co.

Cerritos has a wealth of food from many cultures available to enjoy.  One gastronomical treasure is North Shore Poke Co.  Their Hawaiian style cuisine is delicious and affordable.  The family-run business aims to have you coming back time and again.  Chef Shawn Gole focuses on creating mind-blowing Hawaiian poke!  Stop in and enjoy yourself… but be prepared to get hooked!

Elbows Mac N Cheese

This is not Grandma’s mac n cheese!  You can come into Elbows Mac n Cheese any day of the week to get your comfort food fix!  They’re putting a gourmet twist on the old American standard.  By using the best, high-quality ingredients, and giving it their signature treatment, the end result is …delicious! Enjoy soup and salad there as well.   You’ll feel comfortable and at home at Elbows!

Mezza Mediterranean Grill

Open seven days a week, Mezza Mediterranean Grill is ready to treat your taste buds to a delicious variety of flavors.  Chef Najwa gets there early every day to inspect the food deliveries.  She’s checking to see that you get the very best, freshest ingredients in the dishes she prepares. The motto at their weekend brunch is “Eat till You Drop”.  I have to warn you that with all the temptations you’ll face, that’s a good possibility.

Enjoy the abundance of local restaurants in Cerritos, and treat your palate!