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Parent Holds The Hand Of A Little DaughterA father’s rights may easily be overlooked in California’s crowded and sometimes chaotic divorce court system. If you are a father in the Los Angeles area currently involved in, considering, or anticipating a divorce, you must have the legal advice and services of an experienced Cerritos child visitation attorney who will aggressively protect your rights as a father. Dads have entitlements too, but a father’s rights in divorce are sometimes trampled, and dads too frequently find themselves pushed out of their children’s lives. Fathers’ custody entitlements may be disregarded, yet many dads are forced to pay too much for child support while having little time with their children. Your parental rights do not end with divorce.

Our family law attorneys will work hard to help guide you through the divorce and separation process, while arranging for custody or visitation either via a mutual agreement with the child’s mother or by seeking help from the courts. A top family law professional can also help to negotiate child support payments (or re-negotiate child support payments if your financial situation changes), offer representation in mediation proceedings and refer you to helpful resources.

One right that dads can count on is your right to an attorney. Cerritos father’s rights attorney Paul J. Duron defends divorced fathers’ entitlements, single father rights, and unwed dads rights. With attorney Paul J. Duron at your side, you can be confident that your parental entitlements will not be taken from you. If you’re a dad who is divorcing, or if you need a child support, child custody, or child visitation order modified, get help from someone who routinely and successfully represents dads and defends their rights. Call family law lawyer Paul J. Duron today at 562-309-8520.


Cerritos father’s entitlements attorney Paul Duron aggressively protects dads’ rights in contested and uncontested divorces and in legal separations. Fathers and their children have a unique relationship that must be respected and safeguarded. As an attorney for fathers’ rights, Paul Duron offers legal counsel and aggressive advocacy to dads and their children across Los Angeles County. A father’s participation in a child’s life – just like a mother’s participation – is imperative in raising a healthy, happy, well-adjusted child. Nothing is more important than ensuring that you’ll continue to be a part of your child’s life. Let attorney Paul Duron help you deal with divorce and its aftermath while fully protecting your legal entitlements.


Every client and prospective client at the Law Office of Paul J. Duron is treated with absolute dignity, privacy and complete respect. We understand that a divorce, separation or other family law matter can be very personal and emotional, so we work to ensure that our clients’ cases are resolved in a prompt, favorable manner.

Simply schedule an appointment by calling 562-309-8520 in Cerritos, or by completing the form on this website’s contact page. The Law Office of Paul J. Duron serves clients throughout Los Angeles County including L.A., Whittier, Downey, Pico Rivera, Santa Fe Springs, Norwalk, Bellflower, Lakewood, Long Beach, and Cerritos. If you are a father in need of help or advice with divorce or any child-related legal matter, don’t wait. Call or contact the Law Office of Paul J. Duron today.