In California, youngster assist payments are calculated based on a number of factors. The two main factors are parental income, and the amount of time that each parent spends with the child. Child assist payments may also vary depending on the specific medical needs of the youngster and parental expenses, including mortgage payments, tax deductions, payroll deductions, insurance costs and other expenses.

In California, the courts will use these preset guidelines to determine youngster assist. However, if you believe that you require additional youngster support for any reason, it’s important to work together with an attorney to make sure that your rights are protected. A Los Angeles child support attorney will negotiate to ensure that you receive a payment that is fair to you.

In California, the judge may determine child support payments based on a predetermined calculator, and if the judge is required to deviate from the set guidelines, he will need solid proof of the reason why it is necessary. In other words, if you want additional youngster assist, then you must be able to convince a judge that there is a need for this. For example, if the child has special needs, or if one parent has an extraordinarily higher income than the other parent, then a judge may decide that changes in the support are warranted.

For help determining youngster assist payments in your case, speak to a Los Angeles youngster  support attorney.