In California, there are pre-existing guidelines that help determine child support. If however, in spite of adhering to these guidelines, you are unable to determine youngster assist payments, it is best to defer the decision to a judge, and work with a team of child support attorneys.

Overall, the following factors are taken into consideration for the calculation of child support.

• The income of the parents- this can include not just income from wages, and business profits, but also income from Social Security benefits, worker’s compensation benefits, and other types of state benefits.
• The number of children the youngster asssit payments must cover
• The tax status of the parents
• Whether the parent is already financially responsible for children from other relationships
• The cost of health insurance premiums
• Mandatory expenses, like mandatory retirement payments, for union dues
• Cost of taking care of the children, like daycare costs, and healthcare costs

These are just some of the factors that may be taken into consideration, while determining child assist payments in your case. If you still have questions about youngster assist payments that the court may order you to make, or the child support payments that you may be eligible for, speak to a Los Angeles child support lawyer. It’s important to protect your child’s right to support by speaking to our Los Angeles child support lawyers and seeking expert legal guidance.