California laws lay down time limits for you to bring a suit for annulment if you want to get the marriage annulled. There is no time limit for a divorce, but in the case of a dissolution, statutes of limitations will apply. Statute of limitations refers to the time frame within which you must bring the legal action.

If you’re filing for an annulment, claiming that you were below the age of 18 at the time of the marriage, you must file for an annulment within four years after you reach the age of 18.

If you are filing for annulment based on a prior existing wedding, or a domestic partnership, then you may file as long as the parties involved in the current marriage are alive.

If you are filing for annulment based on unsound mind, rendering you or your spouse incapable of understanding the nature of marriage or the obligations involved, you may file at any time before the death of either party.

If you are filing for annulment on grounds of fraud or coercion, you must make a claim within four years of discovering the fraud, or four years of the coercion.

If you are filing for dissolution based on physical incapacity to consummate the marriage, you must file a claim within a period of four years after the wedding.

Get in touch with a Los Angeles family lawyer, and learn whether you qualify for a dissolution of your marriage. Remember, with annulment, you are seeking to declare that the marriage never existed, was never valid and should never have occurred. These statute of limitations also make it more complicated to ensure that you file for annulment before the deadline runs out. To learn more about how you can get started filing for a dissolution of your marriage, speak to a Los Angeles family attorney.