The courts do not set aside a time frame for spouses who have been recently separated to begin dating again. If you begin dating, or begin a new romantic relationship while divorce proceedings are still on, or when your child custody dispute has not yet been resolved, then this could jeopardize your case.

The court will not object to a new romantic partner while divorce proceedings are on, but may have something to say if you expose your children to the new partner. If you, for instance, have a temporary visitation agreement going on with your soon-to-be ex-spouse, and have your new romantic partner living in the same house with your children, your spouse could try to insinuate that you are an unfit parent by your actions. The court could find that you have shown poor judgment by introducing a new person into your children’s lives during an already delicate and sensitive time in their lives.

If you are currently separated or are in the middle of a divorce proceeding, and your settlement has not been finalized, take care before starting any romantic relationship. If you are dating, our child visitation attorneys recommend that you avoid bringing the person home when you have your children with you. Remember this is not just wrong from a legal point of view, but could also be traumatizing for children who are still trying to adjust to the fact that their parents are no longer living together.

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