As a Cerritos spousal support law firm, we know there are many different reasons that a marriage may be dissolved.  That being said, it makes sense that there are different types of alimony that can be awarded to fit the situation under which the marriage was ended.  Here are the different types of alimony awards that you might see.  It is possible that more than one type of alimony can be awarded in the same case in the state of California, depending on the circumstances of the case, and the findings of the court.

Temporary Alimony

Temporary alimony, also known as alimony pendent lite is usually awarded during the time that the couple is separated, but not yet divorced.  As the name indicates, it’s a temporary measure taken while the divorce case in under consideration.  Typically, this order stays in effect until the divorce is final, and permanent alimony has been awarded.  In addition to living expenses, the courts may include the cost of obtaining the divorce.  The length of payment will depend on how much time is required to settle the case.

Permanent Alimony

This is the alimony that is awarded by the court once the divorce is final, and the decree is issued.  It is due on a regular and recurring schedule, and usually does not have an end date.  Payments are made indefinitely until a support payment is modified through the court.  On occasion, lump sum payments are made, or payments are made through a trust or annuity.  Typically, monthly payments are made to the person awarded support.

Rehabilitative Alimony

If one party or the other is unable to support themselves on their own, the judge may order rehabilitative alimony to allow the other person to get on their feet, while they are looking for work, or receiving training or education to allow them to be gainfully employed.  When this type of alimony is ordered, it is usually for a specific time frame, and according to a certain plan, according to our spousal support lawyers.

Reimbursement Alimony

In some situations, a spouse has worked to put the other person through college, or training.  They may have supported the family on their own while the other person was securing a higher position in their career.  When the marriage dissolves, this spouse will be entitled to reimbursement alimony in some cases.  It may reimburse the person for the tuition paid, or a portion of tuition and other costs.

Lump Sum Alimony

In cases where one of the spouses does not want any of the property or assets gained during the marriage, the courts may award them a lump sum alimony payment.  This is one-time alimony payment made for the other persons share of assets.

Is Alimony Awarded in All Divorce Cases?

It is possible that someone in a divorce case asks for alimony and is denied.  Alimony is meant to be fair and just to both parties.  If both people are self-sufficient, and each one can enjoy a nice lifestyle, they may not be awarded alimony.  It is not meant to be a punitive measure.

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