As child visitation lawyers, we know the role of social media, including sites like Facebook and Instagram has been very clear in divorce cases and child custody cases in California for a while now. More and more courts are giving credibility to evidence recovered from Facebook, Twitter, and other types of social media sites where divorce lawyers now visit to look for evidence that they can use against their clients’ spouses.

In one recent case, a New York woman’s Facebook profile will be used as evidence against her in a child custody case. The judge allowed attorneys to use her Facebook profile as evidence in determining the outcome of the case. This was the first such ruling in New York, and before this, social media profiles were not permitted to be used as evidence in family law cases.

In this case, however, the father claimed that the mother was not a fit parent, and that the child had been spending much more time with the father than the mother. The woman apparently had been vacationing around the world. All that information was available on her Facebook profile. The dates on her Facebook profile clearly provided evidence that it was the man, and not the mother in this case who spent the majority of the time with the child.

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