As child visitation lawyers, we know there are things that you can do while your child custody dispute is on to prove to the court that you are a fit parent. That means additional effort on your part to establish custody. For one thing, follow the court order stringently, and don’t violate any of the terms of the order. Even if the other parent continues to flout the court’s order, do not give in, and do not be tempted. When you go to pick up your youngster, be prompt, and on-time. Avoid skipping visitations.

Maintain documentation of the specific times that you spend with the youngster. Completely document the activities that the child was involved in when he or she was with you. Avoid turning the child against the other parent. Remember, courts do not look kindly on parents who try to disrupt the child’s relationship with the other parent. Allow the youngster access to the other parent according to the plan.

Avoid exposing the child to new romantic partners in your life. Also remember, a youngster custody dispute can very quickly turn ugly, and Los Angeles child visitation lawyers are not unfamiliar with cases in which spouses face charges of child abuse, sexual abuse, and molestation, for something as innocent as bathing a youngster. Ensure that the child is only exposed to child-friendly entertainment when he is at your place.

For more advice about what you can do for a favorable outcome of a child custody dispute, speak to our Los Angeles child visitation lawyers.