Cerritos, California, is a nice place to live and work.  You may be curious… who are the top employers in Cerritos?  Here’s what the numbers say.

ABC Unified School District

This “unified” school district actually joins several school districts into one, and the resulting school district is located in Cerritos, employing approximately 1900 people.  The ABC stands for the cities of Artesia, Bloomfield, and Carmenita.  They were joined under the unification in 1965.

United Parcel Service

We’re all familiar with the UPS “brown.”  UPS is a top employer in Cerritos, where it has a hub location.  This provides plenty of jobs to Cerritos residents, and the company employs almost 1800 residents in the Cerritos area.

AT & T Mobility

Wireless giant A T & T has corporate facilities in Cerritos, and contribute quite a bit to the economy there by employing just under 1.000 area residents.  This makes them the number three employer in the area.

Southern Wine and Spirits of Southern California

Now known as Southern Glazer’s Wine and Spirits, this company has a huge wholesale distribution center in Cerritos.  They provide 979 people with a means to make a living in Cerritos, and they are the fourth top job provider in the Cerritos area.

City of Cerritos

The City of Cerritos does a lot to keep the workforce employed there.  Number five on the list of top employers, they provide a huge variety of jobs to residents.  It is estimated that they employ nearly 670 people.

College Hospital

College Hospital, opened in 1973, is a psychiatric hospital.  They provide services and help for seniors, adolescents, and children with mental health issues.  They help provide Spanish speaking services to those in the Hispanic community that need help.  Hospitals generally keep a lot of people employed, and College Hospital is no exception.  They employ 523 residents from the Cerritos area.


Retail giant Nordstrom is known for their outstanding customer service and the VIP treatment that they give to their customers.  It’s no surprise that they’ve hired quite a few Cerritos residents to make sure they deliver on their promises.  Nordstrom employs around 350 people from this area.

Delta Dental of California

Delta Dental of California is one of the nation’s largest dental health care plans.  They also make the list of Cerritos top employers!  Stimulating the economy and helping people smile!  Delta provides jobs for over 350 in the Cerritos vicinity.

Norm Reeves Honda Superstore

Norm Reeves Honda Superstore was voted America’s #1 Honda Dealership in 2016.  I think it speaks volumes about their involvement in the Cerritos community, that they have community events posted on their web page.  That tells me that they want to be your Honda dealer, but they also want to be your neighbor.  Norm Reeves Honda Superstore keeps 286 people gainfully employed in the Cerritos community.

Hats Off to These Top Employers

Thanks to these businesses, people have work that they can be proud of in Cerritos.  Support these local businesses!  Help them keep the community vibrant and successful!