It’s important to speak with a child support lawyer, and understand how your request for child support could actually affect your child support payments. Remember, the youngster support payments are calculated, not based on your need for the modification, but based on an existing child assist calculator. These guidelines are taken into account by the court, and the result of the modification request may not be exactly what you expected.

Say, for instance, you go to court to ask for a modification of the child support order, because you recently lost your job. You expect that the court will order lowered youngster support payments in your case. However, the court may also take into consideration the fact that your ex-partner has lost a job or suffered a financial disaster during the same period of time. Therefore, the tribunal could actually decide to increase your youngster assist payments. If you were expecting a decrease, this new decision could leave you financially distressed.

It’s therefore important to speak with a Los Angeles child support lawyer, and determine how a court will apply the existing youngster assist guidelines to your case to make a decision. Use the existing calculator to recalculate how the court will possibly make a decision in your modification case. Talk to a child support lawyer for help.