When a couple is having problems in the marriage, the spouses may decide on a trial separation. The trial separation is an informal agreement under which the couple will decide to live separately from each other for a while. They may decide on the duration of the trial separation in advance.

Basically, the trial separation affords a couple time and breathing space to think things over. When you aren’t living with the same person 24/7, it can give you a new perspective on your relationship that you may not have had before.

A trial separation is an informal agreement, and nothing is down in writing. This is not a legal contract. You are still officially married to each other. That means that you are not free to marry other people.

In many cases, trial separation will ultimately lead to divorce. However, in some cases, the spouses may find that divorce is not a solution to their problems, and that they would like to give their marriage another chance.

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