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After a California divorce, either parent may be obliged by the court to pay child support. Normally, child support, also called “youngster assist” or “child assist,” is paid according to the California Child Support Guideline, a complicated arithmetical formula based on the parents’ earning capacities, the number and needs of the children, and the time children spend with each parent. Child support after most California divorces is paid until a youngster turns 18. Child assist may continue after that time if both parents agree or until age 19 if the youngster still attends high school. If the child is mentally or physically disabled, the financial assistance may continue indefinitely. If you need help to obtain child support or if you are not receiving child support payments ordered by the court, call the Law Offices of Paul J. Duron at once, and obtain the legal help and advice you need from an experienced Cerritos child support attorney who is ready to work on your behalf. A top California family law attorney, Paul J. Duron offers the representation, mediation, litigation and other legal services that parents need to see a favorable resolution to their family law matters.

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I came in for another reason to the building where Mr. Duron has his office and went to his suite to ask for a consultation regarding my divorce. I was lucky to hear that he could give see me at that moment. His secretary was very nice and professional and welcomed me into their conference room. Mr. Duron answered all my concerns and questions. I decided to hire him because he seems genuinely nice and approachable person. I was very happy with the way he handled my case and he did not overcharge me. I definitely recommend him to anyone. – Joseph Haskell


Every California parent is responsible to contribute to the care of his or her children, even if they choose not to seek child custody, visitation or other contact with their child. At the Law Offices of Paul J. Duron, we help parents obtain court orders for child support, and we see to it those orders are enforced. When the circumstances justify a support order modification, we can help you obtain it. Call today if you:

  • Anticipate a dispute over child support;
  • Need the court to issue a child support order;
  • Need to have a support order modified; or
  • Aren’t receiving court-ordered payments and seek enforcement.

An experienced child support lawyer can also help clients who are struggling with issues surrounding paternity.

You’ll speak with an experienced Long Beach family law attorney who has the background and skills to advocate aggressively and effectively on behalf of you and your children. Attorney Duron has many years of experience as a divorce lawyer and family law attorney, offering help to families who are in the midst of a divorce, separation or have divorced in the past and require help amending child custody agreements, visitation agreements or other legal matters.


Every client and prospective client at the Law Offices of Paul J. Duron is treated with absolute dignity and complete respect. Simply schedule an appointment by calling (562) 309-8520 in Cerritos, or by completing the form on this website’s contact page. The Law Offices of Paul J. Duron serves clients throughout Los Angeles County including L.A., Whittier, Downey, Pico Rivera, Santa Fe Springs, Norwalk, Bellflower, Lakewood, Long Beach, and Cerritos. If you need help or advice with a child support issue or any other matter of family law, don’t wait. Call or contact our law firm today.